Eye-opening and utterly gripping, Koren Zailckas’s story is that of thousands of girls Smashed is a sober look at how she got there and, after years of blackouts . Garnering a vast amount of attention from young people and parents, and from book buyers across the country, Smashed became a media sensation and a New . The book is a reflective account of the drinking career of the author from the age of 14– The irony being she reached a decision to remain.

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Unfortunately, in the wake of alcopops like Smirnoff Ice or Bacardi Silver, drinks that have rum flavorings, distilled alcohol, and a whole lot of artificial color, flavoring and sugar, kids today see even more alcohol ads than I did in my day and age. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices.

Though the author eventually sees the error of her ways, methinks she doth protest too much about the spectacles she made of herself while drunk, and not enough of the “good life” she had after sobriety. So, I do have an investment in this story. In short she’s exhausting and never reflects ooren any of it.

Alcohol korfn Zailckas’s adolescence and college years to such an extent that, as she tells it, she lacks the tools to be an adult: Zailckas should reach a varied readership: Kroen using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. See 1 question about Smashed….

My dad is sitting across from me, with his elbows folded on the woven tablecloth my parents bought in Greece early in their marriage. From scanning all the negative reviews below, it would appear that I am in the minority with my opinions of this book. Having been a college student at a work-hard, party hard university around the same time as the author, I was highly impressed by how well she understands and writes about drinking culture on campuses particularly the female experience.


Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood by Koren Zailckas

She makes this clear on ssmashed cover, a seemingly real-life snapshot of the author slumped over in a chair, her hair gratefully covering her shameful face.

Koren clearly shows how alcohol abuse permeates the elite college population and the well-off. She is a girl I made friends with a few months ago for no real reason other than we both drink and we’re both sensitive.

Aside from the last chapter misstep, I think I would recommend this book to just about anyone. Email alerts New issue alert.

What did it mean to you? I’m immobile in the face of my panic. Zailckas had alcohol poisoning at 16 after a night of downing shots at a party with friends, smmashed having her stomach pumped in the emergency room and enduring a month of being grounded didn’t check her koreen to drink. Since her story merits no interest, the book’s content became a description of how lovely gin,whiskey, vodka, rum and beer tantalize the senses. There is the sound of coffee mugs clinking on countertops, and I detect the faint smell of bagels burning in the oven.

From then on, she will drink faithfully, fanatically.

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood – Wikipedia

How might the situations have been different if alcohol had not been involved? She seems to blame this both on alcohol and on the perceived quality of the women around her, but I think this might have been a more interesting exploration for the author to make than that of her drinking problem.

My father hadn’t believed her. However, she states that sex or ‘fooling aroun As a drug treatment counselor I wmashed not recommend this book to my clients. She arranges drunken overnight dates and doesn’t communicate at all about her boundaries. My mom says the problem is not that I’ve been experimenting with alcohol; she’d made it clear in Ocean City that I koern old enough to do that.


I zailckax by taking small sips from the communal bottles. She said I’d fallen asleep while we were watching a movie and asked if I could stay the night. And unlike Xmashed Frey’s embellished novel of drug and alcohol addiction, this one is the truth. After everything, it is the thought of Claire answering my dad’s questions that makes me feel most kiren. The book itself is tedious, just as tedious as spending time with any deeply self absorbed drunk. She said she quit at age 23 so wouldn’t have to “pick up the pieces” of her addiction After months of adding and subtracting, the vodka had reached a diluted state that rendered it tasteless.

Our parents could barely keep us in shoes! How do her parents react to evidence of her drinking? Jul 30, Holly rated it it was ok.

There was a study by the American Medical Association last fall that found kids have more access to skashed than adults realize and girls are even more adept at finding it.

She is one of the many alcohol abusers who stop spontaneously without traditional interventions and hopefully go on to lead normal lives.

Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood

Koren holds nothing back as she recounts her decade-long love affair with alcohol. She says she wouldn’t have cared if I’d been drinking at home last night. Could you stop as she did? I did not pass “Go. But as a teenager, those images are effective, if not only because you feel so damn alienated at that point in your life.

And maybe, because of that, I never gave writing much pause.