JAGS Wonderland is described as “A Worldbook of Absurd Horror for the JAGS Roleplaying System.” In this review, I’ll actually be covering. JAGS Wonderland has 2 ratings and 1 review. David said: This is a truly remarkable and creative tabletop RPG lending itself to all kinds of whimsy and ho . I love Wonderland. I don’t love JAGS. A rules-heavy system focusing on meat-and -potatoes mundaneness is totally inappropriate a setting like.

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Those Infected who survive for long enough and don’t throw their lot in with the Caretakers wage a desperate struggle to get by.

It reminds you of those pictures of Earth from the moon, but These six-foot tall, bipedal machines “[seem] to have biological components. She reads out loud, explaining the book, then stops. Weird thumpings start coming from throughout Miss M’s house. Well well, that’s quite a rabbit hole you’re about to go stumbling down.

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All of this misdirection makes fun a fun read, but a difficult summary. The Linear Maze is inhabited by Looking Glass Makers, the sanitation workers and quantum mechanics of reality. If you think White Wolf games need a warning label, Wonderland is even worse. Actual, uncontrolled descent caused by using other game systems is wondefland only possible–but probable. EtchedSteelAug 4, Characters range from normal people caught up in the madness to paranormal investigators to military operatives or even experienced journeyers in the far realms of human existence.

Either way, it’s in you.

JAGS Wonderland: More System and player involvement, Less Fiat?

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The game has an implicit metaplot, although it can be ignored.


The art and the system are closer to mockable, but there wondfrland so many mad, beautiful ideas that I hardly care. Most people who are Infected die or vanish into thin air kags a year. Orange Peel Men are what happens when a paranoid or schizophrenic person is betrayed. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s a twisted nightmare. As its mad, whimsical thoughts infect people, they get sucked down into lower levels of reality. There’s some notes on them in the final section.

They were “recruited” and Infected because they were capable of averting a disaster on the lower levels of reality. Its definitely not human, more like a giant slate white banana mounted on a neck, with beady black eyes and an inhumanly large grin filled with perfect, gigantic white teeth. It tells him its plan and it changes him. A place for philosophical discussion of what’s on most thinking minds.

At first, it seemed easy to simply have Failed notches cause descent and eventually Twists, and have skills for Survival and Mastery. As Kestral pointed out, Wonderland ‘s very much in the urban fantasy and occult madness vein; however, being written in gives it some advantages.

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In your head, of course. This doesn’t stop them from eating humans. However, stress checks would come a little easily in Wonderland, and I’m worried that such a system wouldn’t create a real narrative rhythm. For now, it’s enough to say that it is the exact opposite of what the Underground encourages people to do: I imagine it must be rather unpleasant to be you right now, all told, since you’re in the clutches of Chandagnac Internal Ad System Quest. The Rest of ‘Em At this point, the.


Money, fame, riches and bitches and all that jazz. They don’t have the education they need to escape this giant system they are trapped in. People who need help find it through message boards, head shops, graffiti, and other undergrad hangouts. The monuments magnify the message behind “meaningful” structures on Chessboard Zero.

It takes you a couple of seconds to realize what else is wondelrand with what you’re seeing: Do they know they’re creating college students for a game of personal horror where they have a contagious nightmare disease?

They split off from their casters at some point, usually as the result of trauma or a difficult decision. Sample Characters Being sucked down the rabbit hole doesn’t just warp reality: Usually a character has four.

Oceans form into mountains into jungles into deserts. By the way, the year’s and you’re still in the real world, if that helps jqgs.

Want to Read saving…. Chessboard Two is the dirty, infectious chaos; Chessboard Three is its manic, carnivalesque brother.

JAGS Wonderland

Everything’s broken, lights flicker, and there’s disturbing Graffiti sic on the walls. The section ends by offering more vague hints at what is yet to come including the mysterious Chessboard Seven. Okay, I can see your point.