28 jan. Com o furoshiki florido, que é o mais grandão, fiz uma mochila. Estas duas ideias eu tirei do livro Gift Wrapping With Textiles, da Shizuko. Compre o livro Gift Wrapping with Textiles: Stylish Ideas from Japan na Amazon. : In a matter of minutes, a swatch of cloth known as a furoshiki can be.

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Furoshiki de Natal

I picked these two books to compare based on the current reviews. The results are so pretty!

Ana Luiza Boldrini disse:. What a fun, creative book.

Gift Wrapping with Textiles: Stylish Ideas from Japan – Livros na Amazon Brasil-

The pictures invite perusal, but i find i must still teach with hands-on practice. Wrapagami, on the other hand, had larger images printed in furoshkii. But, maybe that’s for you? Leia mais Leia menos. I like gift wrapping but it always seems like such a waste of money; you spend real money on pretty paper and ribbons, only to rip it up and turn it into trash? Quem dera ter uma prima bacana assim! Oh, I do love the wrapping technique.

I’ve read several other books on furoshiki and also one on bojagi Korean wrapping in fabric, similar but not identicalas furpshiki as viewing lots of demonstrations on YouTube.

For a beginner, I’d suggest Wrapagami by Jennifer Playford. Nor is this only for giving stuff away; the author includes instructions for such prosaic items as a tissue-box cover or a trash furozhiki cover.

And unlike paper gift wrap, livrro you get it wrong the first time, you can just undo the knots and start again. I compared this book to “Wrapagami: Os paninhos originais, as estampas, as explicacoes…Morri e fui pro ceu do furoshiki: Mas vendo as belezuras que vc faz sempre, tou ficando apaixonada!

Aside from wrapping standard packages, this book has more ideas on different types of knots to tie, as well as wrapping cloth around packages to look like animals.


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Furoshiki de Natal | … | Flickr

Each finished project has a large color photo. We’re consistently trying be more ‘green’ and, before I learned about furoshiki, we were sewing cloth bags for presents, wrapping in craft paper that the kids of the family could color on after, wrapping in the funny papers, wrapping in towels or tablecloths or Okay, I’ll be honest, I ordered two books on furoshiki to compare them before I decided which one I wanted to order for myself, my Mom, my sister and my sister-in-law for Christmas. Ahn, que coisa mais bela!!!!

The “rucksack” is just fantastic, isn’t it? O dos coelhos lunares era o menor de todos. Most of the fabrics pictured in Furohsiki are not traditional prints which was something I was looking for and happy to find in furpshiki bookbut it’s bright and colorful with a very good assortment of wraps, clear instructions with larger line drawings, some history, some info on Japanese imagery significance and suggested occasionsand a brief but helpful guide to size.

Vou ficar esperando o PAP da mochila, hen…. Nossa, que tecidos lindos! Now, using techniques that have been part of Japanese tradition for generations, Chizuko Morita offers readers innovative and unique ideas for using the Japanese art of wrapping furoahiki cloth in very contemporary ways.

Bordado ponto cruz em roupas veja mais posts de ‘ projetos ‘.

I use this book and others when I present to retirement and women’s groups about the Green Life. In a matter of minutes, a swatch of cloth known as a furoshiki can be fashioned into an elegant wrapping for a CD, a book, a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, even a soccer ball.

This book contained many of lkvro more common tying methods, but also several I have not seen anywhere else, the BEST size chart I’ve seen, the most detailed history, a little on the significance of certain patterns for example, chrysanthemums wish the recipient longevityand the fabrics used all appear to be authentically Japanese to me 2 of the books I’ve read were authored by people who designed wrapping cloths for sale and their fabrics in non-traditional designs were shown throughout the books.


Ensina mais, se eu tivesse com grana bem que compraria o livro, vai pra minha wishlist! I also think the directions given in Wrapagami are clearer — even though they are much fudoshiki succinct. Deposito o dinheiro dele e do envio direitinho na conta dela.

Traditionally, however, furoshki Japanese wrapping is done using furoshiki “bundling cloth” which appears to be a heavier-weight cotton that doesn’t have an obvious “right side” and “wrong side,” or sometimes lightweight rayon or silk. He specializes in shooting kimono, jewelry, cooking, Japanese fashion, and other items. The idea of wrapping presents with fabric appeals to me both because it’s greener and because, hey, any friend with a sewing machine could actually USE the fabric!

Kodansha International 18 de setembro de Idioma: Wrapagami has clearer, succinct directions, more modern, sophisticated wrapping designs which better suits my tastesand helpful hints that aren’t included in this book.

Wrapagami seemed to have more sophisticated wrapping ideas.

This book isn’t bad by any means, but I think Wrapagami is far superior. Beijo e me visitem!! Detalhes do produto Capa comum: And I confess that even if I don’t actually use this book to wrap gifts tho darnit I intend to!

In Japanese culture, it is customary to put as much care into the wrapping of a gift as into choosing the gift itself.