Criterio: Global Deterioration Scale GDS (Escala de deterioro global) de Reisberg estadío menor de 4 (GDS 1,2 y 3); Que acepten entrar en el estudio y firmen. 3 Nov. ECG bpm. GRÀCIES! El deteriorament cognitiu. Pèrdua de funcions cognitives, específicament en memòria, atenció i la velocitat de. EA: Enfermedad de Alzheimer. •. EP: Enfermedad de Parkinson. •. GDS: Escala de Deterioro Global de Reisberg (Global Deterioration Scale).

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Discussion In this study, good scores in the SF dimensions were expected as it dealt reieberg persons without cognitive impairment and who were independent; the scores obtained for the mental health and functional capacity are considered the factors that most influence the perception of the state of health and QoL [ 422 ].

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Aumento de los despertares nocturnos. Toward defining the preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease: In the SF, the participants showed values that exceed the reference values of the Spanish population in all dimensions of the SF, except in deterloro of bodily pain.

Only in the overall analysis a positive correlation between the WM span and 1PnoCO reached significance.

How to cite this article. En las fases iniciales de la E. One possible explanation for this pattern of results is that there was little variability between subjects in each deteriork in the WM span measure. No crear falsas expectativas.


Estudio y evaluación integral del demente, el cuidador y su familia

As for the SF survey, it is comprised of 36 items that evaluate the following dimensions or scales of the health-related QoL: Alucinaciones visuales recurrentes, tipicamente bien estructuradas y detalladas.

This is a longitudinal reiaberg directed by the Hospital Universitario de Basurto Basque Country, Spain that began in and that currently continues in centres for retired persons of Bizkaia belonging to the Bilbao Gss Kutxa Kutxabank or in those of the Associations of Retired Persons of Bilbao.

Subjects The analysed sample was comprised of persons: Logistic regression results showed that Passive and Glkbal Object Relative Clause sentence structures served to correctly classify Published online Sep The dimensions and sums reisebrg the SF were correlated with the activities carried out in their free time.

It is therefore necessary to conduct further studies with larger samples of patients and control subjects in order to confirm if there is a specific deficit in grammatical comprehension in mMCI patients.

International Journal of Psychological Research, 5 1 Sobre el proyecto SlidePlayer Condiciones de uso. We also attempted to find out if there was a relationship between a measure related to working memory digits in inverse order span and the level reached on the four general types of sentences. They did not meet the criteria for MCI and had no history of psychiatric or neurological disorders.

In cases, there was a reliable informant. The analysed sample was comprised of persons: Conductas estereotipadas y repetitivas: Periodico – Radio Elogio – Castigo 6. The participants of this study present a better perception of their state of deterikro than the Spanish population, but this perception is not observed to be influenced by the type or by the quantity of activities that they carry out or by their cognitive state.


Quality of Life in an Adult Population of More than 60 Years of Age without Cognitive Impairment

The correlation of Immediate Text is only significant with the dimension of mental health and the correlation of Deferred Text is significant with vitality, mental health and with the sum of the mental health component. Considering the difference between the GDSf and GDSe, the family members have a good perception of the study subjects since of the persons with informants, Alucinaciones en otras modalidades.

A low correlation was observed between the memory tests and the SF Recommendations from the National Institute on Aging-Alzheimer’s Association workgroups on diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease. Three subtypes of MCI have been recognised, each with a different evolution Mulet et al.

Archives of Neurology, 66 12 The statistical analysis was conducted with the SPSS v. The present study has the following specific objectives: