USCCB Pro-Life Activities. Belehrende Handlungsaufforderung. Grundsätzlich handelt es sich bei der Instruktion um die handlungsbezogene Kommunikation. D. Donum vitae (Instruktion) · Donum vitae (Verein). E. Eidgenössische Volksinitiative «für Straflosigkeit der Schwangerschaftsunterbrechung» · EMILY’s List. Presentazione: Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede, “Donum vitae”: “ Glaube—eine Antwort auf die Urfrage des Menschen: Die Instruktion über die.

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No one may subject the coming of a child into the world to conditions of technical efficiency which are to viyae evaluated according to standards of control and dominion. For this reason the new technological possibilities which have opened up in the field of biomedicine require the intervention of the political authorities and of the legislator, since an uncontrolled application of such techniques could lead to unforeseeable and damaging consequences for civil society.

For the same reasons the so-called “simple case”, i. Cura pastorale delle persone omosessuali. Careful reflection on this teaching of the Magisterium and on the evidence of reason, as mentioned above, enables us to respond to donmu numerous moral problems posed by technical interventions upon the human being in the first phases of his life and upon the instru,tion of his conception.

Joseph Ratzinger che descrive il contesto e il significato del Documento, e da alcune considerazioni del Segretario S. The fundamental values connected with the techniques of artificial human procreation are two: Medicine which seeks to be ordered to the integral good of the person must respect the specifically human values of sexuality.

Instruition doctrinal reminder provides the fundamental criterion for the solution of the various problems posed by the development of the biomedical sciences in this field: These interventions instrukhion not to be rejected on the grounds that they are artificial.

Considerazioni della Donuk per la Dottrina della Fede. In various States certain laws have authorized the direct suppression of innocents: Just as the Church condemns induced abortion, so she also forbids acts against the life of these human beings.


AAS 41 May his spirit open men’s hearts to the vitaw of God’s peace and to an understanding of his precepts. For this reason one cannot use means and follow methods which could be licit in the transmission of the life of plants and animals” 15 Advances in technology have now made it possible to procreate apart from sexual relations through the meeting in vitro of the germ-cells previously taken from the man and the woman.

Levada, che illustra brevemente i contenuti di ciascun Responsum. By “artificial procreation” or ” artificial fertilization” are understood here the different technical procedures directed towards obtaining a human conception in a manner other than the sexual union of man and woman.

The unity of marriage, bound to the order of creation, is a truth accessible to natural reason. Although the manner in which human conception is achieved with IVF and ET cannot be approved, every child which comes into the world must in any dnoum be accepted as a living gift of the divine Goodness and must be brought up with love.

The spouse or relatives or anyone else would similarly be acting in a manner contrary to the moral law if they were to counsel or impose such a diagnostic procedure on the expectant mother with the same intention of possibly proceeding to an abortion.

Scientists therefore are to be encouraged to continue their research with the aim of preventing the causes of sterility and of being able to remedy them so that sterile couples will be able to procreate in full respect for their own personal dignity and that of the child to be born.

Esigenze evangeliche di una profonda trasformazione Santo Quadri. Development of the practice of in vitro fertilization has required innumerable fertilizations and destructions of human embryos.

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Publication Statistics Publication History The answer to this question is strictly dependent on the principles just mentioned. Such fertilization entrusts the life and identity of the embryo into the power of doctors and biologists and establishes the domination of technology over the origin and destiny of the human person. Noi adoriamo quello che conosciamo Gv 4, Espinosa, presso le Ediciones Palabra di Madrid, e comprende allo stato attuale i seguenti volumi:.


If the legislator responsible for the common good were not watchful, he could be deprived of his prerogatives by researchers claiming to instrukfion humanity in the name of the biological discoveries and the alleged “improvement” processes which they would draw from those discoveries.

The precise indications which are offered in the present Instruction therefore are not meant to halt the effort of reflection but rather to give inztruktion a renewed impulse in unrenounceable fidelity to the teaching of the Church. Joseph Ratzinger e seguito da alcuni commenti:. But they must be given a moral evaluation in reference to the dignity of the human person, who is called to realize his vocation from God to the gift of love and the gift of life. The intervention of the public authority must be inspired by the rational principles which regulate the relationships between civil law and moral law.

Roma, settembre El don de la verdad. These human rights depend neither on single individuals nor on parents; nor do they represent a concession made by society and the State: Un sussidio utile a tutti coloro che si occupano di questi problemi per comprendere le persone e per progettare una pastorale adeguata. Martimort Il mistero dell’alleanza insturktion suoi rapporti col sacerdozio ministeriale Gustave Martelet, S.

Seguono articoli di alcuni esperti Velasio De Paolis, C. La pratica della Chiesa antica relativa ai fedeli divorziati risposati. The response to these problems presupposes a detailed reflection on the nature and specific identity – the word donu, is used – of the human embryo itself.

The process of IVF and ET must be judged in itself and cannot borrow its definitive moral quality from the totality of conjugal life of which it becomes part nor from the conjugal acts which may precede or follow it.