it will be raised in to 65 years, and, thus, to the respective men’s age. Aside from this (FILCAMS)/Terziario Distribuzione/Terziario Distribuzione Servizi. Confcommercio/ Obviously. CNEL – 2° Ufficio di sup CNEL – 2° Ufficio di supporto agli Organi Collegiali – Archivio Contratti denominazione stipula decorrenza. _welfare-to-workproroga-alottobrepdf .. . .

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Promotion of employment for young workers In recent years, collective bargaining focused on the strengthening of apprenticeships as the prevalent way of entry into employment in the tourism sector. It is not possible to indicate comemrcio density rate in the HORECA sector since the relevant trade unions represent a broader section of the economy, which includes retail, and there are no disaggregated data.

Other measures with regard employment and working conditions if relevant The renewal includes a derogation to the maximum duration of fixed-term contracts with the introduction of a preference clause in favour of former fixed-term workers in new recruitment procedures. According to S data, the number of workers employed in the sector in is almost the same registered in average data.

In general, the aim of the modifications concerning workplace health and safety was to make confcpmmercio the priority and to increase sanctions. Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely. In xommercio cases, proper negotiations have been started and new decentralised agreements are under negotiations at the time of writing January Source: The diffusion of high-qualified jobs in the sector is indicated by employers and trade unions as a key factor in order to compete in a more effective way in global markets.

Moreover, in the percentage of part-time workers rose in comparison to This provision is meant to increase job security for fixed-term workers in a context of high seasonality.

Index of /wp-content/uploads/pdf

Temporary workers are also widespread in the sector. The content is the responsibility of the authors. It is important to notice that in the last two years, a relevant part of companies operating in the sector has benefitted of one or more anti-crisis measures introduced by the government inin order to cushion the negative effects on employment and productive systems caused by the economic crisis ITI ; ITI ; ITI.

Click to share this page to Facebook securely. The main employers and trade unions sectoral associations pointed out that some features, characterising the Hotels and Restaurants sector relevant number of small companies and self-employed workers; preponderance of firms with less than five employees; relevant number of seasonal and temporary workers hinder the diffusions of training courses.


Employment and Industrial Relations in the Hotels and Restaurants sector

Federalberghi has joined in Summer an initiative promoted by the Ministry of Labour to provide 3, two-month traineeships to young people in the south of Italy.

The system is funded by social contribution paid by both firms and workers. This initiative was meant to help close the gap between labour demand and supply and notably to overcome the mismatch between the skills held by job seekers and those needed by firms Source: According to Filcams, irregular work in tourism involves almost one million people, which can reach up to 1.

In fact, the decentralised level of bargaining is the company-level for firms employing more than 15 employees and at province level for those below this threshold or even above if they do not have firm-level agreements.

The tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies. In particular, the legislative decree strengthened measures aimed to prevent accidents at work, enabling for instance the joint bodies to verify the adoption and setting up of company organisational models connected with accident prevention. In recent years, collective bargaining focused on the strengthening of apprenticeships as the prevalent way of entry into employment in the tourism sector.

Trade union membership and collective bargaining are thought to be low in the sector and basically involve workers of large companies, such has large hotel chains. At the same time, unions believe that atypical workers — who are a revelant part of sectoral employment see below for data — need more effective measures able to support them during the unemployment periods.

Addressing risk factors at work, including health risks, ergonomics, violence and harassment; Measures dealing with migration including any agreements on ethical recruitment; ccnnl for the better integration of migrant workers, etc. Key developments and trends in the Hotels and Restaurants: Labour Force Confcommercjo, However, there is no formal extension procedure and, even in this case, the application would be limited to minimum wage rates and would exclude all other economic and normative elements.

Employment and Industrial Relations in the Hotels and Restaurants sector | Eurofound

Vocational education and training systems should be enriched and the transition from school to work should be more effective. Improvement of gender equality including improvement of work-life balance arrangements ; The dommercio agreement provides that parents of children of up to 3 years can demand a conversion of their employment contract, on a temporary basis, from full-time to part-time.


Addressing risk factors at work, including health risks, ergonomics, violence and harassment; Measures dealing with migration including ethical recruitment; measures for the better integration of migrant workers, etc.

Report on Hotels and Restaurants Sector. Ipotesi di accordo per il rinnovo del contratto collettivo nazionale di lavoro per i dipendenti da aziende del settore turismo20 February ; Confindustria: Fisascat, interview with Giovanni Pirulli. Unioncamere ReportRapporto Unioncamere As for the Italian bargaining system, the main bargaining level is the sectoral level.

What are the aims of these bodies? This included, for instance, the definition of training programmes that shall be followed by apprentices. Skip to main content. In the field of gender equality, Federalberghi is presently preparing an analysis of female employment in the tourism sector as well as of the provisions included in the sectoral agreement and in legislation that can be used to support equal opportunities and exploit the full potential for the development of female work in the sector Source: Conversely, in terms of employment, the economic crisis has not particularly affected the sector.

Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. The hotels and restaurants sector is a key segment of the Italian economy, especially in connection with the tourism activities which characterise large areas of the country.

In this sense, they are not a forum for the debate of sectoral issues but rather a crucial means to jointly provide support to the firms and the workers of the HORECA sector. In particular, since the negotiation procedure has been started by the unions in all provinces, all employers affiliated to the Confcommercio representation system are paying the bonuses. As long as they have employees, they apply the relevant collective agreements.

The industry-wide agreement includes travel and tourism activities, which are outside the scope of this study. Yes, the latest collective agreement renewals of cover a number of such issues Confcommercio: In general, the sector is characterised by a high turnover of companies.

These three organisations organise their respective sectoral federations which belong to the following subsectors, as identified by the industry-wide collective agreements: