Cast in Shadow (The Chronicles of Elantra, Book 1) [Michelle Sagara] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Seven years ago Kaylin fled the. Cast in Shadow by Michelle Sagara. 1/2 My reading relationship with Cast in Shadows had a lot of ups and downs. The beginning made it. Michelle Michiko Sagara (born ) is a Japanese-Canadian author of fantasy literature, Cast in Shadow (August ); Cast in Courtlight (July ); Cast in Secret (August ); Cast in Fury (October ); Cast in Silence (August.

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Blood of the Earth Soulwood, Book 1 By: I’m not sure how to classify this: That’s not exactly ‘universal’ then, is it?

The second OMG hurdle is the world building. The world presented is very interesting and there is definitely room for improvement. Kaylin herself has a lot going on as well, with her past in Nightshade, magic that she harnesses for healing and destruction and her role as a Hawk in an organization that she has essentially grown up in. The pacing also felt super slow, although it did speed up for a while during the middle.

I want to learn more about them! Patricia Briggs Narrated by: I was not disappointed. This page was last edited on 4 Mayat Kaylin was a hawk, but what does that really mean?

Cast in Shadow

Don’t waste your time!!!!!! This book is more HF than UF.

You didn’t think you’d get out of this one so easily did you? But if you didn’t? Which isn’t much, I know. It also ends up trying to justify child murder in the backstory? Or go on and on and on about how gripping the plot is! What about Khristine Hvam???


The first few chapters are an almost overwhelming muchelle of names and information; then the flow diminishes to a mere trickle for the rest of the novel. Kaylin is a Hawk, essentially a policeman, in the City of Elantra. Jun 07, Trisha rated it liked it. This book is so detailed — it is really difficult to choose only one of anything to talk about.

Kaylin, the heroine, is young and naive despite a difficult past. The oft cliche of: They might criticise Kaylin all the time but you can feel the affection they have for her. What’s the Name o We can wrap them up in our hearts. Equally well written, narrated, and fresh. I would have read this in a day had it not been for that very inconvenient, bothersome activity known as work. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Michelle Sagara Quotes (Author of Cast in Shadow)

But I crashed up against bad storytelling, bad characterization, and bad writing. Indeed I did—except I never felt like I got a payoff at the end. This is supposed to be book 1 but michlle felt more like I walked midhelle the middle of the story. It wasn’t until the END of the book that I figured out that the Aeriens or however you spell it weren’t gryphons, but The first three novels return to the origin of Jewel and the discovery of her den. There are two types of people that sagaea here: Large portions of dialogue would take place in which you could not determine who was speaking.

Even if I can’t wrap my head around her total disinterest in leaning more about her fellow citizens, I find her extremely likeable. She threw in vampires and zombies too. This book is lacking in everything. Her partners are a mysterious dragon-man, and Severn, who shares much of her painful past. See all 3 questions about Cast in Shadow…. They share that responsibility with their sibling organizations the Wolves and the Swords. Sometimes you can’t even tell who’s speaking, or who’s present in a scene, because Sagara doesn’t tell us and it’s impossible to guess – when their name suddenly appears, you have to backtrack and correct your mental image of what’s just been happening in order to include them.


I have to say I’m pretty impressed myself. Now, seven years later, her na Elianne was an orphaned child of the fiefs, scraping out a living in the fiefdom of Nightshade with an older boy, Severn, and two other little girls.

I know what I’m going to write here will be lost on those who haven’t ehadow the book because, taken out of context, it really doesn’t seem all that bad. Characters are of different mammal types that I don’t understand. When she was young she escaped this place by petitioning to be a Hawk.

Michelle Sagara

You know that silly little thing called real life? Sometimes, I felt like I was missing basic background information that prevented me from following everything as it was revealed. If you made the mistake of ringing the bell while he was already on the way, he got angry.

Then she’s kidnapped by Connor “Mad” Rogan – a darkly tempting billionaire with equally devastating powers.