The Structure of the Flute. Unlike the Western flutes that you see in today’s bands and orchestras, the Carnatic flute is made of bamboo entirely. How to read notations in Carnatic music Labels: Carnatic Music Theory, Lessons There are 72 parent scales in Carnatic are. Online Flute Classes under the guidance of Mr. Sriharsha Ramkumar could be a one stop solution Learn Basics of South Indian Carnatic Flute – Step by Step.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There are many introductory lessons on youtube. The sign is O 3. Once I explore more on these I will post my findings.

Learn Basics of South Indian Carnatic Flute – Step by Step

They are called Melakartha Ragas and are systematically classified in a scheme. Refer to the chart given below for a clearer view of this concept. Underlines indicate that the swaras should be sung together and faster within a particular beat Wavy lines: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Flkte sign is I Laghu is flufe on the jaati of tala. There are 72 parent scales in Carnatic Music.

One of the frequently used terminology in Carnatic music.

Learn Yourself!

So laghu has 1 beat followed by 2 finger counts. My first confusion Carnatic flute vs Bhansuri The flute I play has six fingering holes, but Carnatic flute has eight fingering holes. Carnatic and Hisdustani flute differences. There is wealth of knowledge on internet about Carnatic music. Sample Video Tutorial taken from the Course.


Carnatic music practice on six hole bamboo flute (bansuri) – carnatic school

The ideal way to learn Carnatic music is to have a Guru, who can teach the nuances of gamaka and set the student on right path. I do not want to learn to play 8 hole Carnatic flute, so I decided to practice Carnatic music lessons on 6 hole flute. Sri Purandaradasa has composed alankaras, Swaravalis, Gitas, etc in these talas. They are called suladi talas. Laghu is further broken down and denoted as X for the beat and 1, 2, 3 …for the finger count based on jaathi.

Laghu will have 1 beat and 3 finger counts. Vasics required Address never made public. I do not know why Carnatic flute has 8 holes as the same notes can be played on 6 hole flute? This is for anyone between the age group 10 – 55 years who have a lot of interest in learning the richest South Indian Carnatic Music Heritage through this divine instrument ‘The South Indian Carnatic Bamboo Flute’.

I may not be able to answer your call. This is for you, carnaatic you are a working professional and cannot make time for regular classes but longing to learn this instrument whenever time permits at your pace.


June 14, June 14, Chaturashra jaathi rupaka tala is denoted as: Here is a nice read on: Please do not call me. Whatsapp me your Queries. Thursday, 19 July, Fingering Exercise.

As discussed earlier, laghu is based on jaati. These are rarely used to indicate that the notes should have gamakas Dots: Nishabda kriya is silent action The lyrics start after three aksharas in nishabdakriya E.

Chaturashra jaati has 4 counts. Swaras notes and Ragas scales.

Carnatic music practice on six hole bamboo flute (bansuri)

Tisra jaati has 3 counts. Thank you dropping in! Now as a grown up, still have love for indian flute. If you know the answer, please leave a comment.

Ever since I picked up a indian bamboo flute some times called light-music flute or bhansuri when I cranatic a kid, I fell in love with it. Ragas must contain the following characteristics to be considered Melakarta. Kindly send a message on Whatsapp and I shall revert with the details. If you are like me, having a Guru may not be an option. I do not know much about hindustani, but have some knowledge on Carnatic music.