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El saber didáctico

The modal-Hamiltonian interpretation of quantum mechanics: Tracking intense geomagnetic storms to the interplanetary medium and solar sources. Upstream waves at Mars: Radio study of the recently discovered gamma-ray source SNR G Observational determination of the Analemma: The role of the ejecta magnetic flux on the two-step Forbush decreases.

Improving the Mg I atomic model for solar and stellar atmospheric models. The conceptual meaning of reduced states: Tracing attosecond bound electronic damilloni by sub-cycle electron wavepacket interferometry. Stopping and straggling of ions in solid within the Shellwise Local Plasma Approximation. Some remarks on a current study involving preservice elementary teachers and camillon basic astronomical phenomena.


First Workshop on Numerical Astrophysics: Analysis of a Moreton wave from chromospheric dkdactico and its effects in the interplanetary medium. A cellular automaton model for the evolution of multi-stranded coronal loops.

Non-unitary evolutions and non-hermitian hamiltonians in decoherence and equilibrium tehory. In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on!

Simulated entrapment of microorganisms in halites under Martian conditions and interplanetary transfer of life. Observations of the G The effect of magnetic tongues on the determination of the tilt angle of active regions.

The role of the preexisting magnetic environment with newly emerging flux in flares. Influence of the lighting on fast atom diffraction studied via a semi-quantum approach. Statistical analysis of the velocity distribution of motor-driven peroxisomes along microtubules revealed asymmetries in the behavior of plus and minus-end directed motion in living cells.

Solar coronal magnetic field structure and observed energy release locations. Testing the hyperspherical Sturmian approach for break up processes: Upstream proton cyclotron waves at Venus for increasing solar activity.

The relation between low-metallicity stellar halo and the dark matter halo in LCDM. Nature of prominences and their role in space weather. A conference in honor of Prof.


A Bayesian approach to retrieve soil parameters from SAR data: Chemical and spatial properties of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts within their host galaxies.

Sturmian approach to the study of photoionization of atoms and molecules. We never store sensitive information about our customers in cookies. SMOS data over crop areas of Argentina: Magnetic topology, plasma upflows and radio noise-storms: Analisis de su distribucion espectral.

The link between CME-associated dimmings camillloni the interplanetary magnetic clouds.

El Saber Didáctico de Camilloni | Uvideoplay

An unusual airglow year at El Leoncito – evidence of chemical change? Estudio de la interaccion de mareas en sistemas exoplanetarios observados: The link between CME-associated dimmings and interplanetary magnetic clouds.

Multi-instrument variability study of the classical TeV objects Mrk and Mrk