Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a multi-genre RPG, inspired by the dynamic characters and However, the 2nd Edition Is everything the first one was and more. It is a. Publication date, (1st edition). (2nd edition). (3rd edition). Genre (s), anime. System(s), Updated Tri-Stat System. Big Eyes, Small Mouth is a tabletop role-playing game that was designed to simulate the action. Big Eyes, Small Mouth (1st Edition) – Guardians of Order I had mixed feelings coming to Big Eyes, Small Mouth: A Universal, Japanese Anime.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. BESM saw many revisions via fanguides that packed in a modified version of the core BESM rules and special setting specific character creation rules. There were also d20 fanguides created for Hellsing and Trigun. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Considering that Ranma can throw a couple hundred punches in the blink of an eye I found this tough to swallow.

About the Author Mark C. Roll up a character, add some tags to give them form, and start acting up. Instead of publishing complete games as they had done previously, the licensed books were published as ” Ultimate Fan Guides “. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A later revised edition of this version was published inwhich, due to errors in the proofing and printing processes, did not contain the full set of revisions in its final published form. The third edition was at that time planned to come in three forms: GURPS and Herofor starters, are both very successful at being universal engines — they just suck at being simple systems.


This page was last edited on 6 Julyat To attack you roll 2d6 under your Combat Value.

This is one of the best role playing games on the market. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

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Read reviews that mention easy to learn anime rules rpg system role-playing games genre. Not just mecha pilots and hard suits, BESM is about the genre in general. MacKinnon offered a public explanation and apology, and offered to refund buyers who were dissatisfied with their purchase of the book.

I look forward to taking a look at their Sailor Moon game as soon as I get a chance. On top of it all a readable, clear font was used. If you pre-ordered the book from us, more information will follow.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth – Wikipedia

This book is a MUST for anime and role-playing fans alike. In the character creation department, some of the mechanics are a little vague; a few pronouns and articles would vastly improve the Special Attack and Special Defense rules.

Third edition core book. Sadly, the first edition is no longer in Print. I had mixed feelings coming to Big Eyes, Small Mouth: The announcement stated the company was “extremely confident” that a release date editioon January would be met and confirmed that those who pre-ordered and prepaid for the book would be “in good hands”, though it was also said that they have not taken on Guardians of Order’s liabilities. The White Wolf wiki has two entries about the game, one detailing the history game license, another the setting seed from third edition.


To defend you roll 2d6 under your Combat Value negating damage. In addition, several genre based supplements were published for the game, as well as two original settings: New versions of Centauri Knights and Uresia were released under the new version. Your ad here, right now: Second, this is a very well put together manual. Especially for the novice GM GameMasterBESM second edition contains so many rules and details that knowing how to sort through all the information presented and determine which are truly needed for a campaign and which can be set aside can be difficult.

The first edition of BESM was a bit of a clusterfuck, as it was GoO’s first release, but unlike many companies’ first releases, it was still playable and fun.

It is far too beam, in my opinion, to successfully support a long-term campaign, but I will definitely be giving it consideration the next time I sit down to design a one-shot or short series. Learn more about Amazon Prime. What surprised me was how great, simple, and appealing this little book was.