STANDARD TEST METHOD FOR HEAT OF COMBUSTION OF LIQUID HYDROCARBON FUELS BY BOMB CALORIMETER. This test method. The heat of combustion is a measure of the energy available from a fuel. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Heat of Combustion of Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels by Bomb Calorimeter.

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Do not use oil on regulators, gauges, or control equipment.

See compressed gas association booklets G-4 and G The products of combustion, in oxygen, are carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and water, all in the gaseous state.

Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Test Room – The room in which the calorimeter is operated must be free from drafts and not subject to sudden temperature changes.

Never attempt to transfer oxygen from cylinder in which it is received to any other cylinder. Tape – place a piece of pressure-sensitive tape across the top of the cup, trim around the edge with a razor blade, and seal tightly.

ASTM D240-09 – International Standards

It shall have a device for stirring the water thoroughly and at a uniform rate, but with minimum heat input. Do not use cylinder without label. Available request a quote. Sodium Carbonate Solution – Dissolve 3. Before using, secure information on procedures and protective measured for safe handling.

Calorimeter – The calorimeter vessel shall be made of metal preferably copper or brass with a tarnish-resistant coating, and with all outer surfaces highly polished. Discussion – The fuel can be either liquid d40 solid, and contain only the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur.


Enter product namemake or model. Oxygen – Commercial oxygen produced from liquid air can be used without purification. Adequate facilities for lighting, heating, and ventilating shall be provided. In these implementations, a controlled-temperature jacket completely surrounds the combustion bomb and its “bucket”. An explosion might occur with asm violent rupture of the bomb.

Koehler K / K Bomb-type Calorimeter (ASTM D, D, D, D, D) | Labequip

Satm cylinder valve closed when not in use. Thermostatic control of room temperature and controlled relative humidity are desirable. This test method covers the determination of the heat of combustion of liquid hydrocarbon fuels ranging in volatility from that of light distillates to that of residual fuels.

Reweigh the cup with capsule and sample. Seal down the flap by pressing lightly with a metal spatula.

Weigh the cup and tape. Place a 3mm by 12mm strip of tape creased in the middle and sealed by one edge in the center of the tape disk to give a flap arrangement. Evolution of heat produces a violent reaction or eruption upon too rapid mixture with water. Wash the interior of the bomb, including the electrodes and sample holder, with a fine jet of d2240 and quantitatively collect the washings in a breaker.

Fill a hypodermic syringe with the sample.

Koehler K88900 / K88990 Bomb-type Calorimeter

The same ambient conditions must be maintained for all experiments, including standardization. Sodium Hydroxide – Warning – Corrosive.

What are your requirements.

The bomb must be capable of withstanding a hydrostatic pressure test to a gauge pressure of psi 20MPa at room temperature, without stressing any part beyond its elastic limit. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Do not take internally. The bomb must be designed so that all liquid combustion products can be completely recovered by washing the inner surfaces. Avoid breathing dusts or mists. Observations, Isothermal Jacket Method – Assemble the calorimeter in the jacket and start the stirrer. Weight of Asm – Control the weight of sample including the auxiliary fuel so that the temperature rise produced by its combustion will be equal to that of 0.

The values in parenthesis are for information only.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Firing Wire – Use a mm length of No. A Wheatstone bridge and galvanometer capable of measuring resistance of 0. After the rapid rise period about 4 to 5 minrecord temperatures at 1-min intervals on the minute until the difference between successive readings has been constant for 5 min.

Jacket – The calorimeter shall be completely enclosed within a stirred water jacket and supported so that its sides, top, and bottom are approximately 10mm from the jacket wall. It can achieve the highest level of precision and accuracy of any oxygen bomb calorimeter. A knowledge of this value is essential when considering the thermal efficiency of equipment for producing either power or heat.

Firing Circuit – A 6 to 16V alternating current is required for ignition purposes with an ammeter or pilot light in the circuit to indicate when current is flowing. For technical use only. Remove and measure the combined pieces of unburned firing wire, and subtract from the original length.