Product details. Format Mixed media product | pages; Publication date 16 Oct ; Publisher Assimil Italia; Imprint Senza sforzo; Language Italian; ISBN Assimil Italian by Andrea Camilleri, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Assimil Italian: Il Francese senza sforzo. Assimil Italian Series – European School Books. Assimil Italian. Assimil Italian. For more than 60 years, Il Francese senza sforzo, , £ Italian with Ease – pack: book + 4 CDs + 1 mp3 CD, , £, + VAT.

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Narrationes faciles de mythologia Romana Graecaquecompiled by John P. Nova sermonis Latini palaestra, pars prima2.

Greco Bardon et GomezL.: Pons tironumG. Part I ; migliorata la scansione di A first Greek course ; ripristinati i collegamenti interrotti. A first Latin courseBlackie and Son, London Selections illustrative of Roman life, from aesimil letters of Pliny, adapted for the use of beginners, with vocabulary and notesMacmillan and Co.

Latin stories for reading or telling to wit: Fabulae virginibus puerisque aut narrandae aut recitandaeG. Busch, Bilderborgencon note e senzaaF.

Assimil Italian : Il Francese senza sforzo

Latino AppletonR. Risorse didattiche Per la pratica didattica Colloquia scholastica Fabulae scaenicae Altri approcci al lessico greco Libri scolastici Storia della letteratura Versioni latine di classici greci con originale a fronte — Serie fratelli Didot Classici latini in edizione monolingue Per la propria formazione. A new Latin primer. The Greek war of independencebeing a Greek text for beginners, with notes, exercises, vocabularies and mapsSwan Sonnenschein and Co.



Stories in Attic Greek, forming a Greek reading book for the use of junior forms in schoolsRivingstons, London 4. Varius libellus ad usum scholarum redactus, a Petro Bernardini lepidis imaginibus exornatusF. Ovidi Nasonis elegiacaClarendon Press, Oxford Lectiones Graecae, sive manuductio Hispanae juventutis in linguam GraecamMadrid Commentarius primusVerlag des Hauslehrers, Berlin-Lichterfelde 2.

ThrasymachusBristol Classical Press, London First Latin bookMacmillan and Co. Greek through readingBristol Classical Press, London Arena palaestrarumPhiladelphiae 2. A Greek boy at home: Adapted for the use of beginners, with vocabulary, frrancese, and exercisesMacmillan and Co. A first Greek reader, with fifty-four illustrationsBlackie and Son, London Excerpta breviaBlackie and Son, London Commento al vocabolario grecoVrancese, Roma Il latino senza sforzoAssimil Italia, Torino 2.

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Puer RomanusClarendon Press, Oxford A first Greek reading book, containing short tales, anecdotes, fables, mythology, and Grecian history; with a short introduction to Grecian antiquities, chronological and other tables, and a lexiconJohn Murray, London Liber alter, liber srnzaVerlag von K.

Part twoWilding and Son, Shrewsbury Bell and Sons, London Psyches et Cupidinis fabula, ex Apulei Madaurensis libro, in usum scholarum narrata a Susanna Bails Bibliotheca vitae Latinaeseries prima, 1Aubanel, Avignon Greek primer, colloquial and constructiveMacmillan and Co. Initium A first Latin course on the direct method, to which is appended a book of exercises and some grammar questionsCambridge University Press, Cambridge Cambridge School Classics Project: Phaedri fabulae in prosam orationem a Guarino Pacitti solutae Bibliotheca vitae Latinaeseries prima, 2Aubanel, Avignon Libeo annusClarendon Press, Oxford The story of the kings of Rome.


Fabulae faciles, a first Latin reader, containing detached sentences and consecutive stories, with notes and a vocabularyLongmans, Green, and Co. Joint Association of Classical Teachers: Narrationes faciles de historia Romanorumcompiled by John P. Istruzioni per lo scaricamento. Heath and Company, Chicago Mahoney, che ha rivisto lievemente il manuale grammaticale].

Heath-Chicago Latin seriesD. Aemilius PaulusJohn Murray, London Il greco anticoAssimil Italia, Torino Selections illustrative of Greek life, from the minor works of Xenophon, adapted for the use of beginners, with vocabulary, notes, and exercisesMacmillan and Co.

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The fables of Orbilius. Informativa sulla privacy – Condizioni generali d’uso e di vendita. Artes LatinaeBolchazy-Carducci, Wauconda A Latin reader, for the lower forms in schoolMacmillan and Co.